Small Business Resolution: Professionally Translated Business Documents

When it comes to providing professionally translated materials, most small business owners think of marketing first. This means a professionally translated Spanish website or other marketing materials such as brochures or mailers. While having a professionally translated website is a great start, there are many other documents your Spanish-speaking customers encounter while doing business with you.

Other business documents that should be professionally translated from English to Spanish include:

  • Letters
  • Legal Forms & Contracts
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • On-Boarding Documents

The beginning of the new year is a great time to reflect on your business and its goals for the new year. Of course, every business wants to increase sales, but what else could be improved? Is your customer service lacking? Could your business be more community-minded? Are your business documents out of date?

Hiring a professional English to Spanish translation service can help you improve all of these aspects of your business and more. Here are five reasons you should resolve to hire a professional to translate your business documents in 2018.

5 Reasons to Professionally Translate Business Documents to Spanish

1. Google Translate Isn’t Cutting It

If you relied on Google Translate or another machine translator for your business documents in the past, odds are that there are errors and inaccuracies. Machine translations may be enough for casual online conversations, but if your business documents are riddled with mistakes, your Hispanic customers may be confused by your offerings, or they may not take your company seriously. Poor translations could lead to lost sales opportunities.

2. Be Community-Minded and Reach a New Audience

Did you know that there are over 890,000 Hispanics living North Carolina? Over 46,000 Hispanics live in Raleigh, NC, alone. Hispanics make up a large portion of our community. While most Hispanics know English, many are more comfortable and more likely to use your services when interacting in their native language.

Providing professionally translated business documents demonstrates that you are committed to all members of the community, even if English isn’t their preferred language. Without professionally translated materials, you are missing out on a large audience. Help them discover and trust your business with improved, professionally translated business documents.

3. Improve Service for Spanish-Speaking CustomersAccurately Translate Business Documents to Spanish

Having professionally translated business documents means there is less confusion — this means less room for error in terms of safety, financial, and legal repercussions. Machine-translated documents often contain errors that lead to misunderstandings.

A frustrated client means more demands on your time, plus the potential fallout,which may include lost revenue and a poor reputation. Commit to improved customer service in 2018 with professionally translated business documents.

4. Save Time and Boost Productivity

As mentioned above, poorly translated documents lead to confusion, which means your team spends more time fielding client questions and making corrections. A professional translation also saves valuable time for your customers for the very same reason.

No one wants to waste time by reading and re-reading poorly translated business documents in order to get their meaning. Be sure your Hispanic customers have documents that they can clearly understand the first time.

Additionally, translating your internal materials, such as HR documents, can lead to increased productivity for your company.

5. Document Updates are Required

Depending on your industry, you may be required to make yearly updates to your business documents. This is especially true for accounting firms or law firms. If you have forgone a professional English to Spanish translation in the past, commit to it this year and make it a part of your annual document updates.

The process of updating documents with new information can be difficult in just one language, but a professional Spanish translator from English to Spanish Raleigh will review your documents and create a yearly plan that works for your business. The extra effort will reduce errors and miscommunications in addition to serving a whole new customer base.

Discover Our Spanish Business Document Translation Services

Have you officially resolved to commit to your Hispanic customers and hire a professional English to Spanish translation service to translate your business documents? English to Spanish Raleigh offers Spanish translation services for small businesses to international companies, alike. We partner with companies to ensure your Spanish-language copy is accurate, culturally relevant, and a valuable asset.

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