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7 Reasons to Translate Your Website into Spanish

With the rise of the US Hispanic population (and the equally rapid rise of their buying power), companies that do not yet offer a Spanish-language version of its website is less profitable and losing the competitive edge. Owner and head translator, Elsa Jimenez, outlines the 7 reasons why having your website professionally translated to Spanish is so crucial.

Protect Your Hispanic Employees: Translate Employee Handbooks & Safety Manuals


Accurate translation of Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals can prevent financial loss, injury, and even death. Ensure your company is following current OSHA regulations and that all of your employees fully understand how to react in an emergency situation — especially those who do not speak English as their first language. Translating Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals from English to Spanish can lead to a better prepared, more productive workforce.

Getting Healthcare & Health Insurance Materials Translated into Spanish

Healthcare open enrollment is an important time for Americans. Having the correct information and materials to sign up for the appropriate healthcare plan, deadlines, and any other information people need is important. We also need these materials and information translated into Spanish to reach a certain part of the targeted audience.