Spanish-speaking News

English to Spanish Raleigh at the City of Raleigh’s “Vive Tu Ciudad” Conference

Founder of English to Spanish Raleigh, Elsa Jimenez, was honored to be a moderator at the recent La Conferencia Latina event. Hosted earlier this July by the City of Raleigh’s “Vive Tu Ciudad” committee at the NCSU McKimmon Center, the event focused on Latino community engagement within the city. With the goal of connecting Latinos […]

Amazon’s Rise of Digital Spanish-Language Titles

More people are reading in Spanish, and Amazon is catering to this audience by encouraging self-published authors to enter the 2nd annual Indie Literary Prize contest. Translating books from English to Spanish now has even more opportunity, as more Spanish-speaking readers turn to Amazon Tienda Kindle for Spanish books.

NFL Signs Deal to Broadcast in Spanish

The Hispanic population was recently polled by ESPN Sports, and found that nearly half of the US Hispanic population identified themselves as NFL fans at a staggering 25 million viewers. The marketing efforts to bring NFL games to the Hispanic population are working at an extremely successful rate and are few signals show that it will slow down anytime soon.