Spanish Translation Process


During preparation, a native Spanish-speaking translator conducts a free consultation to listen to the particular needs of the project (purpose, time frame, format, targeted audience). The client is quoted according to the needs of the particular project. Once the client accepts the terms of the project we start working on the translation.


Our translator starts working on the particular project, according to the needs of our client, accurate translations are always the result of our work. English to Spanish translators have the understanding of the American and the Hispanic culture in this country, that’s what, makes us different. Once the translation is finished the third part of our process is the editing.


The editing process is to analyze word by word that the translation is correct, this not necessarily means that an accurate translation has to be done word by word, this means that we analyze every single word to make sure the message is accurately and properly delivered to the targeted audience, and according to the needs of our customer. The next step of our process is the Formatting.


We imitate the exact format that is given to us, to facilitate to our customers the handling of the translated information. If our customer needs a different format of the translated info we would do it according to the needs of our customer. After the translation is formatted the next step of our process is the proofreading.


The proofreading is the last part of our process. We do and exhaustive review of the translated edited and formatted information. Another of our native Spanish speaking translators reviews the information to make sure nothing is biased and the translation is delivered, accurate, precise to the targeted audience according to our customers’ needs everything in the time frame of the initial agreement.

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