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English to Spanish Raleigh is a professional translation firm that provides employee handbook translation services to companies and organizations nationwide.

As the Spanish-speaking workforce increases rapidly, Raleigh has a need that gets bigger every day to provide those employees with company handbooks translated into Spanish. Many times, companies neglect to recognize the importance of the employee handbook, but it is the one document that can create a cohesive work environment. The employee handbook provides important information about the company’s mission as well as policies and procedures.

Unlike automated translation software which solely provides word-for-word rendering, a professional, native Spanish-speaking translator can provide the context, proper sentence structure, and even comparable idioms that get missed by a computer program. The end result is a faithful, communicative Spanish version that ensures your reader can easily comprehend the handbook without confusion or misunderstanding.

Why Have Your Employee Handbook Translated

With a growing Hispanic workforce, many of whom may not be fluent in English, having a handbook in Spanish ensures your employees feel included and respected within the organization. Just as important, making sure your handbook and other HR documents are available in Spanish protects you as an employer. If you have Spanish-speaking employees, investing in professional employee handbook translation services makes sure that every member of your team is fully aware of the expectations of your business and the benefits they’re entitled to receive. This reduces misunderstanding and also minimizes legal ramifications.

All of your employees need to be on the same page in terms of your company’s mission. Your company’s mission defines the broader perspective of the values your workers exhibit as they perform their daily tasks. How employees present themselves to others and the way in which they carry out their duties should be aligned with the mission of your company. More than likely, someone spent quite a bit of time defining and communicating the mission, indicating your company sees the importance of the guide. It doesn’t accomplish much if not all your employees are able to read it.

The employee handbook also sets forth the policies and procedures that each employee follows. It is an important document that all employees can refer to in understanding the guidelines for how actions performed at work are to be carried out and how decisions are made among existing alternatives. It is critical that employees are aware of company policies and procedures in order to maintain a safe work environment.

Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation

The overall benefit of having an employee handbook that is translated into Spanish for employees who are not fluent in English is that you can communicate a clear, consistent message to all of your employees. Knowing your team has read and understood the handbook means you can hold them to the standard outlined. Other benefits of employee handbook translation services include:

  • Providing a measure for employee accountability
  • Outlining expectations such as conduct, timekeeping, attendance, personal days 
  • Decreasing liability

As an employer, it’s essential to communicate a clear, consistent message to your employees, and the most effective way to do this is through the employee handbook. This resource explains policies, protocols, and benefits that serve two important purposes: sharing information and providing accountability. Knowing your team has read and understood the handbook means you can hold them to the standard outlined.

Do I Have to Translate My Employee Handbooks?

It isn’t required that you provide a handbook written in Spanish, but it is a best practice if a significant portion of your workforce isn’t fluent in English. Having an employee handbook translated into Spanish, is important because you need to ensure that your workforce understands and knows the policies inside of your employee handbook. It is critically important to have information in the handbook such as HR procedures, Covid policies, how to report harassment, drug-free workplace rules, grievance procedures, in a form that each employee can read and understand. 

Having your employee handbook translated from English to Spanish will ensure that your Spanish-speaking employees have the information that they need to feel safe and supported at work. Translating your employee handbook will bring a level of clarity to your non-English speaking employees which is an indication that you value and respect them.

Why Choose Us to Translate Your Employee Handbooks?

Unlike many translation companies that rely primarily on machine translation followed by human proofreading, we provide hands-on translation services from our team of native Spanish-speaking professionals who are also fluent in English. Led by head translator Elsa Jimenez, who brings a graduate degree in Human Resource Management as well as experience as an attorney, you can feel confident that your employee handbooks will be highly accurate and ideal for those who may not be proficient in English.

International corporations, public sector organizations, and small to large businesses across a variety of industries rely on us for business document translation at an affordable rate.

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