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In our modern day and age, English to Spanish translation is becoming increasingly important. This article outlines why this is, and why your business should definitely utilize English to Spanish translation services.

How quickly is the US Hispanic Market growing?

The US Hispanic Market is not just growing, but growing rapidly. In 2016, around 55 million Hispanics lived in the US, according to the US Census Bureau. Just 2 years later, in 2018, Hispanics make up 17% of the US population. These numbers are anticipated to continue steadily increasing, as the US Census Bureau predicts that Hispanics will make up 28.6% of the US population by 2060.

Absolutely; US Hispanics are more loyal to companies that communicate in Spanish. In fact, a study in 2011 found that around 56% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics felt like companies who advertise or translate in Spanish respected their culture. Additionally, 54% of individuals in the same study reported that they felt “much more loyal” to businesses who respect or appreciate their culture. Business document translation is one of the most common requests we get. No matter what type of business, we would love to provide you with a quote for Spanish business translation as well as document translation.

With the US Hispanic population rapidly growing, you most likely already do or have had a Spanish-speaking audience at one point or another. However, to be absolutely sure, there are several tactics to identify your audience. Conduct market research via surveys and interviews, use tools like Google Analytics to gain information about your visitors, assess your business’ social media followers, and other similar actions. However, remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, it is best to accommodate for a Spanish-speaking audience, even when you aren’t sure you have one.

The answer to this question is an overwhelming YES. Your website will perform SO much better when individuals who visit your site can read the information in the language they are naturally most confident in. We’ve already established that the US Hispanic Market is rapidly increasing, and studies show that US Hispanics account for a significant portion of all total e-commerce purchases each year. So, don’t neglect a huge portion of your potential online consumers! Regardless if your target market includes Hispanics or not, you should still make the information on your website easily readable and understandable to many citizens throughout the United States.

While Google Translate is more accurate than in previous years, like anything, it is still not perfect. Google Translate struggles with longer, more complex sentences, and there have been countless instances where this program has morphed a sentence into something laughable. In addition, when it comes to grammar, Google Translate is not at all ideal. That is because Google Translate operates more on a word-for-word type basis, rather than examining the context and the entire sentence. As a result, Google Translate often translates sentences into ones filled with grammatical errors. So, while it may be acceptable for shorter, less complex sentences, it is not at all recommended for professional use.

Yes, it is wise for your Spanish translator to be fully bilingual. That way, the individual can have a thorough understanding of both languages and avoid any cultural or grammatical mistakes.

Absolutely! Several studies have shown that website translation results in an increase in marketability, boosted online visibility, enhanced website traffic, higher conversion rates, and several other benefits that cause exponential amounts of growth. Additionally, several studies show that having a commercial or information in Spanish increases ad recall among US Hispanics by up to 30%.

As mentioned before, having your business’ website and subsequent information available in Spanish will be more appealing to individuals whose first language is Spanish. With this translation, they can more easily understand and remember your business’ information. Eighty percent of individuals utilize the Internet to search products and information before making a purchase. However, an individual, whose first language is Spanish, would most likely rather go to a website with Spanish translation than one without. In other words, a simple translation could be the key factor between converting or not.

Whether or not you should translate your company’s name from English to Spanish really depends on your company’s name. Some company names would be misunderstood when translated, and should, therefore, be left as the original, while others wouldn’t.

Generally, however, it is commonly recognized that proper nouns should not be translated and should simply be left as the original. With modern brands especially, rarely is a company name translated to maintain brand consistency. So, if you are unsure whether or not to translate your company name, the safe choice is to leave it as is.

No matter the software used, there are many disadvantages to each. Most translation software come with low accuracy levels, the inability to determine or translate context, and the high probability of grammar errors. And, grammar or translation mistakes can be very costly.  Simply put, translation software can’t be as accurate as a bilingual translator. That is why although there are many different translation software products on the market, none of them are perfect nor highly effective, meaning it is best to stick with a fluent bilingual translator. Using translation software puts you at risk for a costly mistake.

It’s no secret that your company can greatly benefit from having your website available in Spanish. That is why our team of native Spanish-speaking translators are here to help you extend your business’ reach to the growing Spanish-speaking community. We guarantee reliable, culturally relevant, professional level translation from English to Spanish that is free of grammatical errors, all for an affordable price. Request your free quote online today by filling out our form below or give us a call at (919) 995-2986.

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