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Finishing off 2018 with Translated Employee Manuals & Business Docs

Starting the New Year with updates to your employee manual or other business documents? Don’t forget to translate them to Spanish! The year 2018 brings the U.S. Hispanic buying power up to $1.5 – 1.7 trillion annually, and it also brings updates in policies, rules, and standard operating procedures for companies across industries. This can […]

Communicating with Hispanic Construction Employees

    English to Spanish Raleigh authored an article featured in Construction Executive’s digital publication, Managing Your Business: “Communicate More Effectively With Spanish-Speaking Employees” “In the construction industry, companies can adapt to the trends of the Hispanic workforce by integrating a cost-effective bi-cultural approach. The key to this approach lies in translating materials and documents […]

Protect Your Hispanic Employees: Translate Employee Handbooks & Safety Manuals


Accurate translation of Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals can prevent financial loss, injury, and even death. Ensure your company is following current OSHA regulations and that all of your employees fully understand how to react in an emergency situation — especially those who do not speak English as their first language. Translating Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals from English to Spanish can lead to a better prepared, more productive workforce.