Bad Translation Examples

The Value of Hispanic Immigration at the Raleigh Business & Professional Network

President of English to Spanish Raleigh, Elsa Maria Jimenez-Salgado, has been invited to speak at the upcoming Raleigh Business and Professional Network event on April 12, 2017. As an on-call consultant for the Total Engagement Consulting team, which sponsors the networking group and focuses on LGBTA diversity and efficiency in the enterprise, Elsa will be […]

Why Google Translate is Not Safe for Business Use

Over the years, I often get the same question that goes something like: “I’d like to target the Hispanic audience with a Spanish page on my website… How can Google Translate not be sufficient for just one landing page?” Throughout my years as a translator, business owners regularly question the use of Google Translate over […]

Business Translation from English to Spanish: The value of translating business documents

Important to translate

Translator services are one of the nation’s fastest growing occupations. According to the U.S. Labor Department, translator jobs are expected to grow 46% between 2012 and 2022. The fact that the translation industry is thriving only points to one thing: The ever -increasing value added by professional translation services — especially for the Spanish language. […]