Does your company use safety manuals? If you’re in an industry like construction, chances are, you do. 

translating-safety-manuals-into-spanishThe United States Department of Labor estimates that 27.3% of people who work in the construction industry and 23.1% of people in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting industries are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. With such a high representation of the Hispanic and Latino community in these industries, translating safety documents into Spanish is a must. 

Having safety manuals translated into Spanish makes your workplace safer and makes your Spanish-speaking employees feel like a welcome part of the team. While it may be tempting to use an automated service to translate it, that won’t give you an accurate translation. And having inaccurate safety manuals can lead to hazards and even lawsuits.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Safety Manuals Professionally Translated

Many people believe that free services like Google Translate can do an effective job of translating their manuals and documents. This isn’t the case. Language has a lot of nuances that computer-generated translation services cannot pick up on. And when you’re dealing with something as important as workplace safety, you can’t afford to have an incorrect translation.

Automated translation programs are also notoriously bad at picking up on context. Two words can mean roughly the same thing, but typically, only one is correct in certain contexts. For example, in English, “lid” and “cover” have similar meanings, but you wouldn’t ask someone for a cover for your to-go coffee, you’d ask for a lid. Google Translate and similar services have a lot of trouble determining context and, more often than not, they give a very literal translation or choose to attach the wrong meaning to the word. 

For example, “conductor” can mean electrical wire or someone who conducts an orchestra. While we use the same word for those two things in English, Spanish has two distinct words for these very different things. Instructions involving an orchestra conductor would be confusing and potentially dangerous on the jobsite! 

Having your manuals professionally translated ensures the context and nuance are there. This helps keep your workplace and employees safe, which in turn helps you avoid costly lawsuits.

How English to Spanish Raleigh Ensures Your Manuals Are Properly Translated

English to Spanish Raleigh is a professional Spanish translation company serving companies and individuals nationwide. Our translators are native Spanish speakers who were born and raised in Hispanic countries but have lived and worked in the U.S. for many years. We have the cultural sensibility that only native Spanish speakers possess.

When you need your safety manuals translated from English to Spanish, you can get a quote or learn more about our services, by calling us at 919-995-2986 or filling out our contact form to the right.

Elsa Jimenez is a native Spanish speaker who was born and raised in a Hispanic country. She is an accomplished lawyer and translator who has been living and working in the U.S. for many years and is also a member of the American Translators Association.

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