Protect Your Hispanic Employees: Translate Employee Handbooks & Safety Manuals

Creating an Employee Handbook and Safety Manual is crucial for any company — making these materials consumable by all audiences is equally important. After all, what good is a Safety Manual if half of the text isn’t being properly understood by Spanish-speaking workers?

The Spanish-speaking workforce represents about 15% of the United States workforce, and that number is expected to rise to 20% in the next five years. This considerable growth brings new challenges in communication, particularly in developing culturally and linguistically inclusive business documents for human resources, safety protocol, and OSHA.

Language barriers directly impact morale and productivity, and more importantly, safety. When safety precautions are not properly communicated, a company faces higher incidents of accidents, customer service problems, failed expectation management, and legal issues.

Since each of these affect the baseline profit of a business, isn’t it worth investing in a fully translated Employee Handbook and Safety Manual?

English To Spanish Safety Manual Translation & OSHA

It’s vital to note that OSHA regulations mandate all safety manuals offer a Spanish translation if a company employees Spanish-speaking individuals. While some companies rely on translating websites and applications, it’s possible to miss critical cultural and linguistic references that only a truly fluent speaker can communicate.

English to Spanish Raleigh recognizes that cultural gaps cause communication breakdowns, which can be dangerous during an emergency. Our translators can quickly and accurately translate your OSHA and Employee Safety Manuals, ensuring you follow current Federal regulations and that your employees fully understand how to react in an emergency situation.

In this case, accurate translation can prevent financial loss, injury, and even death.

Improve Productivity With A Translated Employee Handbook

Since Spanish is the most frequently spoken language in America, other than English, it makes sense that offering translated employee documents increases morale, productivity, and customer service. English to Spanish truly believes that employees build a business, and a solid organization is built on knowledgeable employees who fully understand their job. Excellent training begins with effective communication.

Offering Spanish versions of an Employee Handbook not only increases productivity, it also sends a message of inclusion and cultural sensitivity to all members of your team. Employees deserve equal access with equal opportunities to grow. English to Spanish offers translation services for all your workplace documents, including:

  • OSHA formstranslate-employee-safety-manuals-spanish
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Safety Manuals
  • Safety Signs
  • Workplace memos
  • Flyers
  • Healthcare forms

Investing in translation services from our natively-speaking Spanish translators allows newly-hired Hispanic team members to be included in fully understanding their workplace duties. Effective communication leads to fewer errors, less turnover, and a more productive team–all of which ultimately saves your company money.

English To Spanish Can Translate Employee Handbooks & Safety Manuals

Get the native-speakers at English to Spanish to protect your company by translating your important business and OSHA documents. Explore our portfolio of previous translation successes.

Don’t wait until it becomes a mandated requirement to translate your documents. Contact us using the form below, or give us a call at 919-995-2986 to see how we can help you fulfill this necessity, today!