A Valentine’s Day Lesson In Cultural Relevancy: Te Amo O Te Quiero?

While similar to American Valentine’s Day, Mexico’s Día de San Valentín can be celebrated by all the people of Mexico, not just happy couples. That’s because it’s known as the day of love and friendship.  Whether by sharing a small chocolate, writing a poem, or sharing secrets, it’s simply a day to show affection for all people in your life.

Valentine’s Day In Mexico

In Mexico, the gift of friendship is valued highly. Friends are included in the giving of Valentines. Like in America, business-owners flood the market with hearts, balloons, cards, and flowers. Local restaurants specialize in romantic dinners. But rather than just couples on the streets, you’ll find groups of best friends linked arm and arm, taking photos and sharing candies. Traditional candies may include chile chocolate, marzipan hearts,

Instead of focusing primarily on romantic love, Valentine’s Day in Mexico is truly a time for all people to celebrate all types of love: Familial, Romantic, and Friendship.

Subtle Cultural Differences In Language

These subtle cultural differences between America and Mexico are also reflected in language. While the English phrase “I love you” can be applied to everyone from your spouse, to your friend, to your favorite flavor ice cream, Spanish is a bit more discerning. “Te queiro” is often used to indicate feelings of friendship or casual love and desire, with “Te amo” being reserved for deeper feelings of romantic love. These almost indiscernible differences in word choice are one of the main reasons a native English to Spanish translator is far more precise than a translating computer program.

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