Finishing off 2016 with Translated Employee Manuals & Business Docs

Starting the New Year with updates to your employee manual or other business documents? Don’t forget to translate them to Spanish!

The year 2016 brings the U.S. Hispanic buying power up to $1.5 – 1.7 trillion annually, and it also brings updates in policies, rules, and standard operating procedures for companies across industries. This can especially be a priority for companies in financial services, healthcare, and life sciences, or legal agencies – all industries with technical or industry-specific content where mistranslation isn’t an option.

A professional Spanish translator can translate your new or updated manuals and handbooks from English to Spanish accurately and culturally relevant. These translated materials can help you to:

  • Reach and attract Hispanic audiences
  • Inform employees of changing policies or updated rules
  • Educate the workforce on improved operating procedures
  • Branch out and create new relationships and business opportunities

Translating business-critical documents is not something to be trusted with an automatic translator tool or app. A professional translator is needed to ensure all industry terms and technical content is translated correctly with the original meaning intact.

In fact, even a minor slip-up in translation can have a drastic impact on the interpreted message and your brand’s reputation. The Hispanic culture is one that directly reflects a company’s effort to connect with Spanish-speakers to the consumer relationship. In other words, don’t run something through Google Translate, push it out to Hispanic audiences, and expect great results. You may offend some people in that process or end up with a PR nightmare. Better to take the safe route of hiring a professional Spanish translator. If you hire an inexperienced Spanish translator, you are running the risk of losing potential business opportunities and creating unnecessary communication roadblocks that can result in damaged relationships and other inconveniences. The last thing you want is for someone to become offended or confused by a word that wasn’t translated properly!

English to Spanish Raleigh offers Spanish business document translation, employee handbook and safety manual translation, or proofreading services by native-Spanish speaking translators.

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