The Key to Spanish Marketing in Your Multicultural Business

When brands choose to communicate with consumers in Spanish or at least with a firm understanding of Latino culture, their business in return will resonate more deeply with Hispanic consumers creating a stronger emotional appeal to purchase. Ultimately, reaching Latino consumers in their preferred language allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and make meaningful connections with growing audiences. Materials that you should have available in English and Spanish:

  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Company Magazines
  • Job Applications
  • Employee Handbooks and more

In this blog we are sharing the importance of having accurate translations of these documents, how to successfully have your marketing materials translated, and the ways Spanish marketing materials can increase your overall business success.

Why Should You Market Your Business To Spanish Speaking Consumers?

The United States consumer market is ever-growing and ever-changing which means your marketing tactics should do the same. It should be noted that according to the 2020 Census the growing Hispanic population now represents 20% of the U.S. population and $2 trillion in purchasing power, making them a consumer market you cannot afford to miss out on connecting with. 

The first step to be taken is to expand your knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic culture, along with their family dynamics. You will want to make your Spanish marketing materials relevant for the entire family. As it is common that many U.S. traditional Hispanic households are multigenerational, meaning that the first, second, and third-generations will be found living in the same household. 

It is also common that the Spanish Language First (SLF) family members will often rely on English Language First (ELF) members to interpret content and grow their understanding American culture. So unlike marketing tactics for traditional American families you will not want to target the various age ranges with differing products, but focus on the family as a whole. This means you will need to do extensive research of common online searches, translate web pages and ads, expanding available offers, and supporting the consumer through every step of the purchase journey.

The Importance of Diversity within Marketing and Advertising

While considering a Spanish focused marketing strategy is a great start, having the proper knowledge that not all Hispanic consumers are Spanish-dominant is extremely important. The United States Hispanic community is made up of individuals from over 20 different Latin American countries. This means businesses need to do their research or have the assistance of a Spanish Language Expert to help them reach bicultural and bilingual Hispanic consumers in a way that resonates. You do not want to be in the situation of spending time, money, and effort to produce diverse marketing efforts that come across as stereotypical, false, or insulting to the target audience.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency and Hispanic based translator will help you authentically connect with this vital audience is a great way to prevent any issues and ensure successful Hispanic marketing campaigns for your business.

Why Do You Need A Professional English to Spanish Marketing Translator?

When it comes to the common terms marketers use to engage an audience, it’s often that they will not translate easily to other languages. Something as easily understood in English as an actor “sweeping up awards” does not translate well, if at all, in other languages. In many countries, they would think the actor is sweeping them into a dustbin! Transcription will help to figure out the best way to effectively communicate an idea in a less formal context.

At the end of the day, marketing strategies are created to develop successful ways to have the target audience identify with the products or services offered. This means the core of any marketing content needs to be immediately engaging and relatable to ALL types of consumers. Therefor, if a company wants to ensure a strong future for itself especially within the Hispanic community, it needs to use professional Spanish translation services for its products, services, website, and all marketing materials.

It is important to note, when it comes to using a Spanish translator for your marketing materials, you should seek out someone who is a marketing specialist in both cultures, rather than a more general, all-purpose translator. That way, the individual providing your professional Spanish translation service can become a source of advice and guidance, as well as undertaking the translation work itself. Someone who has an in-depth understanding of how Hispanic consumers in a particular region tend to respond to different marketing tactics can quickly become an invaluable asset!

Need Help Translating Your Business Documents Into Spanish?

If you read the blog above and it sounded like something your business is in need of, you can contact English to Spanish Raleigh to begin your Spanish translations. We can write original texts or translate one of these documents into Spanish for you all over the United States. We will pair you up with one of our expert translators who can make your sure documents have all of the accurate information, plus the look and feel of a professional company so that they are accessible to your potential customers. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you get accurate, affordable services for all your translation needs, call us at  919-629-0020.