Proper Translations Do Not Offend

Reaching out to the local Hispanic community can be an extremely important avenue for companies wishing to expand their client base. The question that often arises is how well will your English translation be received by your Hispanic audience?

Advertising can easily become complicated when translating your message to reach an unfamiliar culture. Most often, businesses are unsure of their similarities or differences. Situations like these become complicated shortcuts are taken by using a computer program to translate various articles or advertisements. While a message can easily be received and is ultimately successful to an English speaking community, once translated it can be taken as insensitive. It is your job as an advertiser and marketer to understand cultural differences and appropriately focus on the Hispanic community outreach.

Culture plays a large part in the daily lives of most demographics, and unless you are able to play to this fact, your marketing and advertising message might be enough to miss the mark. When marketing for a food or beverage, it is important to understand the roots of the people you want to connect with. These subjects are often the center of many people’s culture and heritage.

How well is your message currently being received by the Hispanic community? Wearing a sombrero and dancing around in the street as a way to promote your brand can be seen as an insensitive action and will often be unwelcomed by the Hispanic community. You do not want the same advert working against you, after you have spent time and money to develop your product or service.

English to Spanish Raleigh is happy to work with your business to ensure that your message is not offensive, and promotes your brand properly. The Hispanic population in North Carolina is continuing to grow and success can be yours if you can successfully reach out to the Hispanic Community.

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