Does Your Brand Lack Culture?

Cultural branding is an extremely important topic for the Hispanic community, and to have your brand successfully received by the community will often take more than a simple commercial translation. The Hispanic community as a whole represents a new type of consumer who stands by their own heritage and customs. This can work against traditional marketing strategies that often try to force their way into households to win over new consumers with brand recognition.

It is important to realize that no culture wants to be different or to be viewed separately from the community population. With this in mind, marketing strategies should focus on the values, needs and wants of the Hispanic community when positioning their brand. Cultural relevancy is an important attribute to consider when planning marketing strategies for your company. Brands must strengthen the value and of Hispanic heritage through positioning and successful communication.

Keeping a relevant conversation with the Hispanic community should be a two-way conversation. Open lines of communication will help to accurately understand how to best position your brand. As a marketer, you should be aware of the demands and desires of the Hispanic community. Allow their influence and feedback to strengthen your Spanish translations along with your communication strategy.

When Hispanic families are considering different brands, they are looking for products that will accurately represent their voice, heritage and cultural personality. Allowing room for open communication can help your company find and develop strategies that truly appeal to the Hispanic community.

One of the reasons that marketing to the Hispanic Community is difficult for many, is that families are reluctant to change from brands that accurately represent their traditions and culture. The customs of a traditional family are often slow to change, and integration can be difficult if your brand does not closely relate to the family. Even with second-generation Hispanic families, integration can be difficult to accept and follow even if this generation is slowly adopting US tendencies.

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