Connect to Your Customers with These Spanish Business Phrases 

As a business owner, you know the importance of making a good first impression when it comes to business success. But what if your customer is Spanish-speaking? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a few essential phrases to include when you learn Spanish for doing business. By learning how to say common greetings, make requests, and give compliments, you’ll be able to connect with your customers and show off your language skills in no time! ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

“I hope to work with you” – Espero trabajar contigo

When you learn Spanish for business purposes, you must think of the phrases you will need to know first. To establish a working relationship will be first on the agenda. This phrase will help you to do just that.

“The conference room” – La sala de conferencias

Learning Spanish business vocabulary is an ongoing process. Which is why when doing business with people from a Spanish speaking country, you may do best to speak to them in the conference room for any business meeting. An even bigger plus if you can say where to meet in their language, as it will make them feel more welcomed and appreciated.

“When can we meet?” – Cuando nos podemos reunir

This is an important phrase for your business Spanish vocabulary. This phrase indicates that you wish to discuss business. It is a sign that you see potential in a working relationship.

Spanish Business Phrases To Learn

“I agree” – Estoy de acuerdo

In a business meeting, it is great when you realize you are on the same page as someone. To hear this in their own language will be welcome to anyone from the Spanish-speaking world. Family is central to the Hispanic culture. This can extend to business, where you can become like family if you work well together.

“I don’t share your opinion” – No comparto tu opinión

It can also be important to tell someone when you disagree with them. If you can say this in their official language, it seems more like a friendly difference of opinions. To hear this in a foreign language may sound confrontational. 

“Let’s go over the contract” – Repasemos el contrato

In professional settings there will often be contracts involved. The global market is no different. Monolingual speakers may be at a disadvantage here. After all, speaking in someone’s native tongue puts them at ease.

“Stay within the budget” – Permanecer dentro del presupuesto

There are many Spanish phrases that are important in business. This is one of the most important of all. You are setting parameters for spending. It emphasizes the point to a Spanish speaker if this is in their own language.

Meetings To Grow Your Multicultural Business

“We have to call a meeting” – Tenemos que convocar un reunión

A meeting is where you can communicate about a proposed project or collaboration. This phrase explains the urgent need for a meeting. Companies who work well together will meet together to discuss the job in question. To have global reach, it will help to talk in another language. This is one of the phrases you may use most often.

“Don’t hesitate to contact me” – No duden en contactarme

This phrase can be the perfect way to finish communication. It will explain that you wish to continue a working relationship. You have made yourself available for further discussion. This can be a very good way to end business emails as well. 

“My Spanish is bad” – Mi espanol es malo

There are many Spanish words and phrases you can learn. It will take a long time to be fluent. In the meantime, this is one of the best bits of business Spanish. If someone realizes you know some of their language, they may assume you are fluent. This phrase will tell someone that you are not. They will still be grateful you have made an attempt to learn some new language to speak to them. 

“Let me have your business card” – Dejame tener tu tarjeta de visita

This is another good way to end a meeting or job interview. In other countries, business cards are used just as often. They will contain someone’s full contact information. This way you can keep in touch with anyone you are keen to work with, Spanish speaking or English Speakers. By asking for a business card, you are showing someone that you value them as a potential co-worker. 

“I need to talk to my business partner” – Necesito hablar con mi socio de negocios

In Latin America, collaboration and togetherness are important parts of the culture. Spanish speakers will identify with your need to share with your business partner. A company who communicates with each other will be seen in a good light. 

“Social media marketing” – Marketing de medios sociales

Social media is as popular in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries as it is in the English-speaking world. In fact, Hispanic people are said to have seven or more social media profiles on average. This means that recognizing the importance of social media marketing will be seen as a great way to encourage effective communication.

“Don’t worry, everything is settled” – No te preocupes, todo está arreglado

An example of telling someone when a meeting has gone well is this helpful phrase. If you want to take an agreement forward, this is a good way of doing so. You could also say “Es un placer,” meaning “It’s a pleasure.”

“Please” – por favor

As well as learning the key business Spanish phrases and Spanish skills, it is important not to forget basic Spanish. If you can say ‘please,’ it will go a long way. Same with ‘gracias’ for ‘thank you.’

“For business” – para los negocios

As a final phrase for the time being, here is the Spanish ‘for business’—literally. You could use this to talk about something you buy for your business. It would also be used to talk about what is and is not good for business.

Keep Learning and Call a Pro

Of course, you can keep learning Spanish by taking language courses and interacting with Spanish speakers. Every Hispanic business person you reach out to with an attempt at their language will be grateful for your effort. However, if you feel your efforts to learn business Spanish are simply not enough and you are in need of some hefty translation work to really engage the Hispanic market, call a professional.

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