Marketing to Engage with the Hispanic Community in 2022

The Buying Power of the Hispanic Market in the USA

Hispanic consumers make up a huge part of the US market. There are around 60 million Hispanic adults in the nation. This means that you need a solid marketing strategy in order to reach them. Hispanic shoppers generate around $500 billion in annual sales. Let’s look at some ways in which you can market to these consumers and ensure a slice of this huge market is going towards your business. Take cultural diversity into account when thinking about good marketing strategies.

1. How to Make Hispanics feel Validated

Do your products already reflect the Hispanic culture? If so, this is a way they will instantly connect with your business. Otherwise you should still be making an effort to show your customers that you recognize their distinct needs. Hispanic marketing needs to communicate to this target audience that they are understood. These products are intended for them and they are recognized as valued customers. Using a little Spanish language in your marketing is a simple way of achieving this.

3. Engaging with Hispanic Consumers

To truly engage with the Hispanic population you will need to understand the culture, not just the language. Your marketing efforts should include directly communicating with Hispanic shoppers. Diversity and inclusion are key factors. There are unique Hispanic regions and you need to show that you understand their cultural differences. Marketers tend to focus on impressive sales talk whilst forgetting to remain human. Think about inclusive marketing and getting to the heart of Hispanic identity.

2. The Importance of Listening

You can gain a deep understanding of the Latino consumers by listening to their wants, needs and desires. Perhaps to gather this information you could attend some traditionally Hispanic events such as Fiesta Quinceanera or Dia de Muertos. You will hear what is needed directly from your target audience. If somebody feels listened to they are likely to become a loyal customer. When you appeal to Latin America the rewards are potentially vast. The best businesses are built for the consumers.

5 Ways to Engage with Hispanics

There are a number of ways you can connect with Hispanic Americans. Here we will look at some of these in more detail. When you are targeting the largest minority group in America you need to get it right. Here’s how:

Hispanic vs Latino

There are many Spanish speaking countries in the world. It would be easy to focus only on Latin America. This would potentially miss out a large Hispanic audience. Latino refers to Latin America only. Hispanic refers to Spanish speakers from any country and this is what you need to understand when marketing to Hispanic consumers. Culture may vary significantly between Mexican Hispanics and Spaniards, for instance. You need to consider language preferences as well as different aspects that relate to different Hispanic regions. Think of this in the same way as different English speaking nations.

Understanding Hispanic culture

As mentioned previously, you need to focus on culture and not just language when you begin running advertisements. This could include:

  • Mexican cuisine such as delicious enchiladas or tamales
  • Sport – many of the world’s best soccer players are from Spanish speaking countries.
  • Music – Latin jazz, Reggaeton and salsa are just some examples of world famous Hispanic music styles
  • Traditions – There are many aspects of this rich culture you could consider – a great way to get creative.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media sites are extremely popular with Hispanic online consumers. In fact, on average Hispanic consumers have 7 or more social media accounts each! So compared to the overall population, Hispanics use social media a lot more than other potential consumers. This fact means that your digital marketing strategy should focus on this area – Facebook and Instagram are said to be the most popular platforms. Also, if the Hispanic audience likes your products they will likely be very vocal about it on social media.

Helping Hispanic Entrepreneurs of the Future

By supporting Hispanic owned businesses, you are encouraging Hispanics to become future leaders in the business market. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have been helping Hispanic entrepreneurs to fill cultural gaps for a long time. Support this organization and others like it and you are helping Hispanic business owners everywhere.

Spanish Language Services

Due to their Spanish speaking origin, services in this language will be welcome for Hispanics. When first arriving in the USA many may not be fluent in English. Therefore, if you can offer mentoring and other support in Spanish you will be greatly helping their cause. You can help people to feel welcome, understood and supported simply by communicating in a way they understand.

How to Do Effective Hispanic Marketing

When you are marketing specifically to Hispanics it is a good idea to research some of the most successful examples of this. Two that come to mind are advertisements from two of the top brands in the world today. These not only showcase the product but tap into key aspects of Hispanic culture. Let’s take a look at how this was achieved.

IKEA: “The Other Letter”

The success of this advertisement is that it reminds us how family is most important in Hispanic culture. When creating an advert for your own products, think about how they benefit the whole family. The Ikea commercial shows that having family together at Christmas is more important than the presents received. This is a central message of the Hispanic way of life. It doesn’t matter what you are selling; you can always relate it to the importance of family values.

Coca-Cola: “Siente El Sabor”

This well known Coca-Cola commercial showcases the importance of romance in Hispanic culture. It does this by showing various people brought together by sharing this famous drink. Either on a romantic date or whilst sharing in an activity they enjoy. If you can tap into the passion of Hispanic culture and the naturally romantic sounding language of Spanish, you can be sure it will be a popular product. Both of these adverts are so successful because they show the products bringing people together. Hispanics are very sociable people and so this is what you are marketing should target.


By showing that you understand Hispanic culture you will convince this large market that they will want to buy your products. Most other demographics do not have such a strong cultural identity. The central values of family, togetherness and romance are important. Bear this in mind and you are likely to attract many Hispanic customers. What’s more, if they like your products you can be sure they will not stay quiet about it!

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