Spanish AdWords Use in Hispanic Marketing

The Hispanic and Spanish-speaking population have distinct behaviors that should be recognized by businesses of all industries, in order to reach and engage with this audience. These trends, which include heavy mobile use and high receptiveness to video, can be capitalized on through paid search marketing via a Spanish PPC strategy.

The Data Behind Spanish Online Advertising

Google released a report, “Four Truths about U.S. Hispanic Consumers,” which outlines the following 4 findings about the Hispanic audience, saying that Hispanics are:

  1. High speed
  2. Social Media Shoppers
  3. Maximizing Social Media
  4. Using Online in Offline Shopping shared the impressive statistic that, “Spanish ads will be more impactful which is key as Google reaches 94% of all online Hispanics.” (Source)

As Hispanic marketing strategies become more complex and the need for bilingual paid search and video ad campaigns grows, leading companies like Google are finding ways to keep up.

Translating English to Spanish AdWords Ads

Google AdWords, a popular paid search channel that offers the capability to deliver text ads, display ads, and video ads to consumers to a large number of websites and mobile apps within the Google network, recently released a new update to the AdWords platform: Expanded text ads.

In the past, AdWords ads only allowed room for 1 line for headline text. This posed a problem for ads written in Spanish, since Spanish is roughly 30% longer to write out than the English language. Now, the ads allow for 2 lines of text for a total of 60 potential characters, making it easier for marketers to speak to the Spanish-speaking audience in their first language — one they tend to respond to at a much more effective rate.

Targeting Spanish Users with Social Media Ads

Social media paid ads should be considered as part of your Hispanic marketing strategy. Social media, often visited on mobile phones and a channel that has been seeing innovation in video like Facebook Live, fits the Hispanic demographic behavior.

Unlike Google AdWords or traditional search ads, social media advertising on Facebook allows for longer text to be included, making it a great option to reach the Spanish-speaking audience.

Get Your AdWords & PPC Ads Translated to Spanish

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