Increase Your Business with a Spanish Website

When you visit a business’s website that happens to be written in another language, your web browser, such as Chrome, gives you an option to translate it into English. As you read a Google-translated spanish website, do you get the full effect of what the business is trying to convey? Do you connect with the business and want to hire their services or shop their inventory?

Probably not. 

Thinking of this, let’s explore how having a Spanish website can increase your business!

A Growing Latino Population is Seeking Spanish Websites

There are nearly 59 million Hispanic people in the United States, and this demographic makes up nearly 20 percent of the population, according to recent census data. While over half of those surveyed by the U.S. Census speak English “well” or “very well,” 70 percent of our Hispanic population speaks Spanish at home. 

What do all these statistics mean?

There is huge group of people who are more comfortable with Spanish and actively prefer to use Spanish in their personal lives. By having a website that is translated by professional, Spanish-speaking translators, rather than software, not only can you avoid embarrassing mistakes, you can convey your tone and message with a whole population you may not be reaching with your current website. Plus, by marketing your business to a Spanish-speaking population, you can gain trust and stand out in a sea of businesses who only offer websites in English. 

What Industries Benefit the Most from Having a Spanish Website?

While every business can benefit with either a bilingual website or a Spanish version of your website, some industries and businesses will benefit more, including:


If you have a medical practice, dental practice, or other business in the healthcare field, you want your potential patients to get the most accurate information while learning about your practice. 


The Hispanic population experiences on-the-job injuries at a higher rate than non-Hispanic workers, and face a variety of legal challenges. Having a bilingual website for your law firm allows you to  share more information and convert more visitors to your website into new clients. 


If you own an ecommerce business and sell products, especially globally, having a Spanish website means you’re more likely to sell to customers internationally. 

Choosing the Right Option for Your Spanish Website Translation

Reaching out to a professional English to Spanish translation company, rather than relying on translation software, ensures that your website will be free of typos, grammatical errors, and incorrect idioms and phrases. However, it’s important to consider to what services will work best for your website. Many businesses choose from: 

  • An original Spanish website that is separate from your existing business site. This helps you market more directly to the Latino population in your area by connecting on a cultural basis.
  • Bilingual website design where you offer a comprehensive, page-specific translation of your website for your Spanish-speaking visitors. 
  • Having a Spanish summation of your website is the easiest option for businesses to communicate directly with your Hispanic audience and works well as a starting point. 

Contact English to Spanish Raleigh for Spanish Website Translations

By having a professionally translated Spanish website or offering website pages in Spanish, you’re able to connect with a new demographic of potential clients and customers. To learn more about professional Spanish translations from a team of native Spanish-speaking translators, reach out to us today at 919-995-2986 or fill out a contact form!