Amazon’s Rise of Digital Spanish-Language Titles

Amazon’s Tienda Kindle, the Spanish version of the popular digital content store, was launched in 2012 and today offers more than 120,000 Spanish-language titles. Within the past 18 months, the Director of the store, Pedro Huerta, reported that there has been a spike in self-published content in Spanish, which is a result of more individuals reading and writing in Spanish.

Because of this, Amazon recently announced their second annual Indie Literary Prize for Spanish-language authors. This contest allows authors to upload any of their unpublished work until August 31, when five finalists will then be selected. The contest is part of Amazon’s plan to continue to expand their selection of Spanish-language titles to even more readers in the U.S., Mexico, Spain and various countries in Latin America.

To enter the contest, authors simply upload their works to Amazon’s KDP, including ‘concursoindie2015’ in the search keywords metadata field.”

The use of Spanish-language work through digital platforms has allowed for lots of opportunity. A reader in the United States who prefers to read books written in Spanish has the opportunity to read a piece of work written by English authors who have had their books translated, American Hispanic authors, and even authors outside of the U.S. in Latin American countries. This is thanks to the digital store making it affordable to publish and accessible, because the cost of printing is removed.

Out of the 100 top Spanish best sellers, 30 of them are self-published, and Amazon has discovered that reader trends in the Spanish-language market are the same as the reader trends in the U.S. English-language market. Titles in Tienda Kindle include those that have been originally written in Spanish, and titles that have been translated.

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