Hispanic Markets: 4 Ways to Increase Your Spanish SEO

This Spanish-speaking and bilingual community in North Carolina is a large, often overlooked market. If your company’s web presence is beginning to rank for basic English search terms, it may be time to think outside the box by targeting the Hispanic population with Spanish SEO.

Foreign Language Search Engine Marketing

Foreign Language SEM has its own handbook of best practices. While many principles are similar, there are some pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, particularly if Spanish is not your first language. Here are four easy ways to increase your Spanish SEO.

1. Avoid “Direct Translating” Your Keywords

As we’ve explored in the past, directly translating English words and phrases into their Spanish counterparts sometimes misses the cultural mark. While it may seem tempting and time-saving to translate using an online tool, the artificial understanding can give your translations a robotic feel. Instead of simply translating the keywords you’d use in English, do a little research and find out if your Hispanic customers have different search patterns than you’re familiar with. A good translator can help you understand the cultural element of Spanish keyword search.

2. Herramientas de Investigación Palabras Clave Español

English keyword research tools can help when investigating high volume keywords, but, as we all know, when translating and learning a new language, it’s best to immerse yourself in the culture. Therefore, we suggest checking out keyword research tools specifically for the Spanish language.

3. Utilize Spanish Adwords

The first step for expanding the effectiveness of your AdWords into the Spanish-speaking market is adjusting your language targeting settings to include Spanish. Research shows that 66% of U.S. people of Hispanic origin focus heavily on online ads — while the general, non-Spanish population ranks nearly 20 percentage points lower!

Research also shows that the Hispanic population are what we call “social media shoppers.” Boosting Spanish posts targeting the Hispanic population on Facebook can help you break into the Spanish market.

Again, with Adwords and PPC campaigns, it’s critical to request the assistance of a native translator. If you just directly translate certain English words and keyword phrases into Spanish, you may actually miss slang and jargon native speakers would actually use to search.

4. Build Some Spanish Words into Your Content

¿Prefieres Hablar en Español? Many Hispanic customers prefer to read in their native language! There are two potential options here:

  • Weave a few Spanish phrases and cultural lexicon to help Google recognize your site as a Spanish resource and rank for Spanish words.
  • Full-on write or translate service pages and blogs into Spanish for your clients.

Either choice you make, it’s wise to have a native Spanish-speaker translate your work for you.

Are You Ready To Reach the Hispanic Market through Spanish SEO Strategies?

Do you think your company could benefit from breaking into the Hispanic market? Our native translators can help you with your Adword and Spanish content strategy. Contact English to Spanish Raleigh about Spanish PPC marketing today.