Acción de Gracias: How Latinos Celebrate Thanksgiving

Adjusting to a new culture can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Thanksgiving isn’t typically celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries, but celebrations of family, food, togetherness, and thankfulness are universally beloved!

Latinos living in the United States have put their own spin on the holiday to make it their own. If you should ever be lucky enough to attend a Latino Thanksgiving, you are in for a treat! Check out these awesome Latino Thanksgiving traditions:

Prepare to party

The first thing you will notice about Latino Thanksgiving is that it is more of a festive atmosphere than a more traditional dinner you might be used to over at your great-aunt’s house. Though, even while dancing to bachata music, family is still one of the center pieces in any lively celebration.

Dinner starts a little later

American Thanksgiving Dinner is likely served earlier in the day, or at a typical dinner hour such as 5pm or 6pm. If you are attending a Latino Thanksgiving, dinner will be served later in the evening, around 9pm. That’s not to say that you won’t be chowing down on goodies flowing from the kitchen on a near constant basis, but it just takes time to get the family to settle down around the table for proper dinner. After all, there’s so much dancing and cheer going on! Who wants to sit?

Music > NFL

It’s not that Latinos don’t enjoy a great football game, it’s just that Latino Thanksgiving is seen as a day of celebration that calls for music and dancing instead of sitting on the couch watching the game (though we love a day filled with quality couch time!). Check the score and watch the highlights tomorrow. Today, you will salsa dance!

A different menu

Sure, you might see a turkey on the table and maybe some mashed potatoes. However, the turkey is most likely stuffed with chorizo! You can also expect to find carnitas and tamales. For dessert, forget about the pumpkin pie. Flan is the dessert of the day! Looking to contribute to the meal? Check out this blog post for Latino Thanksgiving recipe ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving from English to Spanish Raleigh!

Though the dinner and celebration may look a little different, the sentiment is the same. It’s a day about family, togetherness, and gratitude. There’s nothing more American than the blending of cultures. The team at English to Spanish Raleigh wishes you a Feliz día de acción de gracias (Happy Thanksgiving) no matter how you choose to celebrate it!

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