Top 10 things about Latin culture that will influence your workplace

You might not know it, but Latin culture is about to impact your workplace in a major way. With Latinos now the largest minority group in America and the fastest-growing population worldwide, they will be everywhere soon, making waves with their rich culture and traditions.

You may have already met some of these fascinating people. But do you really understand what makes them unique? Here are some things many Americans don’t realize about people from Latin American countries that can have an impact on your workplace:

1) They like to make close friends quickly. Most Latinos are open and friendly even with strangers immediately seen as potential friends (or at least acquaintances). It’s common for Latinos to consider someone their friend after only one conversation  – even if they’ve only known the person for a short time.

2) They are hard workers. This is because they are generally proud of their work ethic and accomplishments, regardless of how small or big they are. Additionally, Latin Americans tend to believe that whatever you accomplish is for the whole family; not only about personal success but also about the collective future. Therefore it’s normal for Latinos to see themselves as one cog in a wheel rather than as an individual whose every achievement reflects on him/her alone (especially when such success involves working with others).

Latin influence in workplace

3) They love fast-paced changes and challenges. Most Latin Americans thrive on change and enjoy setting high goals and reaching them quickly – the faster, the better! Even if something isn’t inherently difficult or dangerous, it will still be considered challenging if it can help them meet their objective.

4) They value extended family members. Most Latin Americans are very close to their families – even to relatives who live far away or haven’t helped them personally (if you’re thinking this doesn’t make sense, consider the possibility that they may need your future emotional support). No matter how much time passes or how many miles separate people in a family, they remain united by blood and forever linked by the spirit of kinship.

5) They like to show status through displaying wealth (especially because poverty is more common among Latinos than other groups). Even if he/she is poor today, the person with Latino roots will buy whatever flat-screen TV or gadget his budget allows because it’s what the neighbors will see and envy. It may seem materialistic, but this is just how status symbols are displayed in Latin America.

6) They rely on their traditions to get them through hard times. Whether it’s cooking for family or attending religious festivals, many Latinos find strength in doing things that have always been done for generations – especially during difficult periods when they feel overwhelmed by uncertainty. This is why so many Americans saw Latino families celebrate Thanksgiving with tamales instead of turkey last year (as well as why you should expect to see every store crowded with people buying food for Christmas dinner).

7) They love spending time together at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a barbecue in the backyard or an all-night party in the living room – most Latinos consider it a sacred rite of family and friendship bonding to be with their loved ones inside their homes (which is why you might meet your new best friend when he comes over for dinner).

8) They value education. Most Latin Americans work hard throughout their lives so they can accumulate the resources needed not only to survive but also to invest in their children’s future (and that means sending them through college no matter how far away or expensive). The main goal among Latinos is not only prosperity for themselves, but also for those who come after them.

9) They like doing things with grace and style. Even if they’re not rich, Latinos will find a way to dress nicely and conduct themselves with sophistication in any surrounding. As a result, they’ll be able to attend a wedding in shorts and sandals and still feel like they’ve earned the admiration of the crowd (even if their job is simply to serve drinks).

10) They value time with friends above everything else. If you’re invited to celebrate anything – even if it’s just watching soccer matches – don’t hesitate to go! Even if you already have something planned that same night, your Latino friend would rather for you not to show up than come late or leave early.

Remember: Time is more valuable than money when it comes to how Latinos see what’s important in life.

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