Top Hispanic Holiday Traditions

Just like the United States, Christmas time is a favorite time of the year amongst Hispanic culture. While traditional customs vary among families, the majority of Hispanic families often take part in national celebrations. Here are just a few of the many Christmas traditions that are celebrated:

  • Los farolitos y luminarias: Translated to mean “festive lanterns,” many Hispanics enjoy celebrating Christmas by lighting lanterns and candles. This is known as Day of the Lights, or El Dia de las Luces.
  • La misa de gallo: Meaning “Midnight Mass,” it is a tradition to celebrate mass at midnight in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • La carta al niño Dios: Instead of Santa Claus, Latino children write letters to the great “el niño,” or Baby Jesus. However, Santa Claus is becoming more and more popular within Hispanic societies as the years go by.
  • Decorar con pascuas: Hispanic cultures love to decorate buildings and houses with poinsettia flowers, the Christmas flower.
  • La cena de nochebuena: Although many Americans enjoy having Christmas Day dinner with family and friends, Hispanic cultures actually enjoy gathering on Christmas Eve.
  • El nacimiento: Roughly translated to “The Nativity Scene,” the Hispanic culture enjoys getting creative with their decorations by creating elaborate scenes that depict the Nativity under their trees.

Businesses can use this information as a marketing tactic to appeal to the Hispanic culture.

For example, understanding the importance of the poinsettia flower during Christmas could possibly appeal to many different cultures. Incorporating the poinsettia as a theme during holiday decorating could be one idea for a company if they want to appeal to the masses.

Another way to incorporate this information into marketing strategies is to use the similarities between different cultures to make the holidays more interesting for a myriad of consumers.

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