COVID-19: The Importance of English to Spanish Translation During a Health Crisis

Now more than ever, companies should have clear and effective communication with their Spanish-speaking employees. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to endanger millions of lives, it’s important for workers to be updated on safety procedures and precautions in their native language. Enlisting the help of a Spanish translator exists as one of the most effective ways of communicating crucial information. English to Spanish Raleigh provides English to Spanish translation services to companies with a large hispanic workforce. Continue reading to find out more about why hiring a professional Spanish translation service is important during a health crisis.

Effectively Communicating Work Expectations to a Multilingual Workforce 

Effective virus communication requires an employer to cover new rules and regulations regarding how the company will be handling the current situation. This process consists of reaching employees through a combination of flyers, emails, talking points and FAQs.

Here are some topics to cover in your interpersonal communication plan:

  • Safety precautions taking place during daily operations to protect the health of the employee’s
  • Report on how the company or organization will be impacted by the health crisis
  • Describe company policies in place including sick leave, paid time off etc. 
  • Promoting updated travel procedures or limitations 
  • Encouraging proper hygiene care among all employees 

Our team of highly-skilled translators can help articulate important information that’s easy for your hispanic employees to understand. 

Professional English-Spanish Translation 

It may be tempting to utilize a free online translation service like Google Translate, to cut on costs. However, these free translation tools prove to be inconsistent and unreliable when it comes to translations that’s accurate. For starters, free translation services often contain grammatical errors and typos, serving as a barrier for workers to comprehend the key messages being communicated. Secondly, since language has nuance, these services lack the necessary context needed in providing readers a crystal-clear understanding. 

When timeliness matters, it’s ill-advised to wait for the government to release a Spanish-friendly version of updated procedures. Additionally, there have been plenty of issues regarding the veracity of previously released Spanish-translated documents from federal organizations. 

 By enlisting the help of a professional Spanish translator, you can feel confident knowing that vital information is being properly translated to prevent any potential misunderstandings. 

Understanding Safety Precautions 

As an employer, protecting the health and well-being of your hispanic employees should be a top priority. Using an individual’s primary language increases comprehension and understanding. That’s why using a native tongue when explaining safety precautions is a necessary step to preventing workplace hazards and lawsuits

When the situation is a matter of life or death, don’t run the risk of have a major miscommunication! Choose English to Spanish Raleigh for our affordable translation services!

Why English to Spanish Raleigh?

Our team of native Spanish-speaking translators at English to Spanish Raleigh continue to deliver excellent quality assurance to companies seeking translation services. Whether it’s legal documents or employee manuals, our highly-skilled translators remove any language barrier by making important information easy to read and accessible to everyone!

Owner Elsa Jimenez, is a respected Mexican attorney and holds a graduate degree in HR Management (U.S.) With Spanish being her first language, Elsa not only grasps the intricacies of disseminating legal information, but she can effectively translate these concepts from english into Spanish. 

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