Importance of English to Spanish Translation in North Carolina

Spanish is becoming an extremely important language for the business community within North Carolina year after year. Over the past 20 years, the Hispanic population alone accounts for 25% of the state’s growth. We would like to help business owners realize the importance of reaching out to the growing proportion of Spanish speakers in North Carolina.

Times are changing, and we are finding ourselves in an environment where multi-lingual discussions are becoming more prevalent. From grocery stores to every-day business transactions, translations for many items are becoming more and more necessary. This is why we believe the importance of catering to both English and Spanish speakers alike will become a necessary development to succeed in the near future.

Small changes to cater to the Spanish Speaking community can lead to increased profits and revenue for your business. The Hispanic community alone is expected to hold a purchasing power of $346 million dollars by next year, in 2014.  Translations on your website can be the first step towards reaching out to a growing demographic of potential customers. Once your business is able to gain the attention of the Spanish speaking community, it is very possible that “word of mouth” advertising will work in your favor to help drive customers to your business.

Even Wake County, which houses the capital, has experienced one of the highest levels of Hispanic growth over the past 13 years. Many local businesses have used our English to Spanish Raleigh Translators to help cater their marketing plans, menus and websites to find a successful new market.

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