Considerations for an English to Spanish Translation

If you are considering to make a translation from English to Spanish, and you are planning to use one of those forms of software, there are a few things you need to consider, that shouldn’t be taken lightly to ensure you are getting a quality work for what you are paying for.

Best Reasons for a Native Spanish Translator

  1. If you are planning to use one of the online translator software, you need to consider how important is for you to have an accurate translation “a machine is not as precise as a human being,” and also the fact that Spanish is spoken for so many countries that have regionalisms, that are used differently in every country, that is why you need to have a Spanish translation understandable for every single Spanish speaking person.
  2. A translation software is not a guarantee, no matter how many tools it has it won’t be accurate as a human being and it might not show what you intend to say. And if you don’t speak Spanish you won’t even get to know, which could cost you or your business money, not to mention embarrassment. Basically is very risky because the final project can result in great confusion to those of the document translations is targeted, or who knows – maybe even offensive. This can also lead to lost revenue if you are a business owner. This risk can mean taking a huge risk, that often leads to confusion or misunderstanding.
  3. Choosing a  native speaking Spanish translator will guarantee that your message is delivered the way you want to, this will assure the quality you want to have on your project. And this person will be able to use generic words instead of regionalisms, to make your information understandable for any Spanish speaking person no matter what country they are from.

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