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Acción de Gracias: How Does Mexico Celebrate Thanksgiving?

While it’s clear that Thanksgiving is not nationally celebrated in Mexico like Cinco de Mayo or other traditional holidays, the people of Mexico still resonate with the messages that surround Thanksgiving. Learn how they celebrate with food, activities, and giving back to the community.

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Te Amo vs. Te Quiero: What is the Difference?

If your first language—or only language—is English, you probably use some version of “I love you,” a handful of times a day. In Spanish, though, it’s not so simple. When it comes to te amo vs te quiero, what exactly is the difference? Join us in the post as we disuss the difference and provide alternative affectionate terms for you to use.

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Why You Should Have Healthcare & Health Insurance Materials Translated into Spanish

Healthcare open enrollment is an important time for Americans. Having the correct information and materials to sign up for the appropriate healthcare plan, deadlines, and any other information people need is important. We also need these materials and information translated into Spanish to reach a certain part of the targeted audience.